APRIL, 2012
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Polkadotty Mummy: Favourite Family Time Activities


Family time is super important for each of the Polkadots, so today we thought we would share with you some of our families favourite games or activities that we like to do together. Enjoy!

A favourite activity that Brookie, Charlotte and I have been doing lately is having really nice ‘story time’. It’s slightly chilly at the moment but the sun is just gorgeous and hot so we just lay down a blanket in our little corner of the lounge where the sun beams down and set up Brooklyn’s soft toys. We get a heap of books and just read! Most of the time it’s so relaxing I end up lying down and just want to go to sleep but oh no Brooklyn will not have this (dreaming I think!)

One of Ashton’s favourite games to play as a family is “Copy Cat”. It is quite simply where one person takes the lead and walks, hops, skips, crawls around the house looking for different ways to challenge the people who are being the “followers”. The leader is allowed to go and do whatever they want. Sometimes we end up crawling under the table, climbing up onto the couch and then jumping off, squeezing through tiny spaces, spinning around 10 times, or doing star jumps while barking like a dog! Ashton often ends up laughing more than anything, but it is a great way to challenge their motor skills and see how carefully they are paying attention!

Our girls love playing ‘Don’t eat Pete’. This is where you fill the plate with little treats, (lollies, m&m’s, grapes?) One person closes their eyes while everyone else picks one of the treats on the plate ‘as Pete’. The person then opens their eyes and starts eating the treats on the plate one at a time.. hoping that they don’t pick up ‘Pete’.. because as soon as they touch that treat that has been pre-chosen everyone shouts “DON’T EAT PETE!” And the person has to stop eating! Then you refill the plate, and it’s the next persons turn. Just a fun little quick game you can do at dessert time, or just anytime for a little treat!

What is one of your favourite family time activities?



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