APRIL, 2012
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Mum Blog Spotlight – The Happy Hamons


While scouring the World Wide Web for Mum Blogs to spotlight it is amazing to see how many blogs are from Mum’s who have a household of males (sons)! Maybe blogging is a way for what these mothers, who often refer to their homes as an estrogene starved household, to connect, share, vent, with other women. And the majority of the time these blogs are very inspiring, with these mothers going out of their way to find inspiring and creative activities to do with their sons in the efforts of raising well rounded, happy boys!

Our Mum Blog Spotlight today is on Shannon, a mother of 3 boys and titles her blog “The Happy Hamons”. When asked why Shannon keeps her blog her reply was, “I started writing my online journal, The Happy Hamons, because I didn’t want to forget all those wonderful moments you have with your family as they’re growing up.  It grew from there to include things that I try to teach my children and things that I get up to in my spare time too. In years to come I hope we will all enjoy looking back at our life together and remembering those fun times we had.”

We love Shannons blog for all of the great activity ideas she shares, from numeracy and literacy activities to just good old run around outside and have a blast as a family activities. From creative dinner ideas and recipes, to out and about activities to make the most of family time together!

Shannon admits that life for her family isn’t picture perfect all the time, but she loves making the most of every moment and wants to make sure captures all those family milestones. Happy Reading everyone! And Thanks Shannon for sharing your blog and Mummy Moments with us!

If you have a favourite Mum Blog that you like to follow and think would be great to share with our Polkadot Mums in a spotlight please let us know by e-mailing the link to info@polkadots.co.nz!



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