APRIL, 2012
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Mum Blog Spotlight: In Lieu of Pre-school


So many mums are faced with that dilema at some point in motherhood as to whether to stay at home and be with the children or go back to work. Everyone’s circumstances are different but it’s a big decision for any mum either way! This blog, called “In Lieu of Pre-School” by a mum of two named Genny, is all about the activities she does with her children since she decided to stay at home with them in their early years.

Genny is a qualified Primary School teacher and has taught in many different facets of education, up-skilling and developing her passion for teaching in many different ways. There are so many different activities going on on a daily basis that just keeps you in awe of the amazing and creative things she does with her children. Covering all aspects of the curriculum, you are guaranteed to find something exciting to do with your child from the blog, whether you are at home with your child all day, or wanting to spend quality time with your child when you get home from work! This Mummy Blog is worth a read! Enjoy!



 If you have a favourite Mum Blog that you follow and would like to reccomend to us to do a Mum Blog Spotlight on please e-mail us with the details. info@polkadots.co.nz. 



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