MARCH, 2012

Children turn “Rain into Rainbows”


Over the summer holidays I visited my older sister Eve and her young family in Brisbane.I was hoping to escape the not so hot Auckland summer. I planned to enjoy my holiday playing in the hot Australian sun with my nieces and nephew and come home with a wicked tan. Arriving in Brisbane I was feeling the heat but there was no sun in sight! It was POURING with rain and for the time I was there, it rained for weeks straight! I was gutted and ditched my dreams of playing in the sun and coming home with a sweet tan.Then my nephew Porter (who is only 2!) taught me a valuable lesson. While I was thinking all was lost my nephew was having the time of his life playing in the rain!

He spent his summer jumping in the puddles! He changed my attitude – made me see the  ”rain as a RAINBOW“. After that my sister and I even went for runs/walks (mostly walks) in the rain and found it was so much more FUN running or walking in the bucketing rain!



There is so much we can learn from children!

What are some things your children have taught you? 

- Polkadot Ashleigh :)




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