AUGUST, 2011



Screen shot 2011-05-25 at 1.20.07 PMPolkadot Carly signing in again today. As it is going to be I, who is teaching our first lot of Polkadots Junior Explorer Development Classes. These classes will take place once a week over the next 9 weeks and we have created a group of 13 children and their mums or caregivers who will be attending and helping us come up with classes that will just be spectacularly Polkadotty! Classes where whoever attends they will come out singing, dancing, learning and playing “Like a Polkadot!” If all goes well, these classes will officially be launched to the general public in the next couple of months.

As a focus topic we have chosen “Chemical Change” or “Mixing and Stiring” – inspired by our Science Seekers song. Although some may think this is an odd concept to base a class around, the main objective of our class is to give children the tools to love learning and to know how they can use activities they do everyday as a means of learning.

Children learn best when they are comfortable and happy, so the main objective of our week 1 class is to just play and have fun, creating an environment where the children feel confident and relaxed with the teacher and each other. We also worked on getting their imaginations switched on and comfortable with sharing their ideas and talking in front of each other.

One of the main activities we did today, was to have The children help me to build a story… and create a totally original cake recipe. I gave them cues as to what we needed next in the story and they filled in the blanks. Telling me who the main character was . . .  in this case is was Ben1o! They decided that he would make a cake and then they used their imaginations to pick ingredients to make the craziest cake ever! Although some children were a little slow to warm up, by the end of the class the children’s imaginations were really starting to get going and some of the quieter children were choosing to say a little more. I wish we had more time to let them keep going. . .  but, we have encouraged the children to go home and practice creating some of their own original crazy, imaginative cake recipes! So we will see what kind of recipe we come up with next week!
For anyone would like to try our recipe out, the ingredients are as follows:
3 lettuce leaves
1 flower
some red
a dinosaur
some hair
and a tree
Mix it all together really well and then cook it in the oven for 12 minutes! You know you have made the recipe successfully when your cake changes colour from blue, to pink, to yellow, to red, to pink again, and to green! It will smell like feet and it will taste like black, chocolate chip hair and wind! Yip! I know… sounds deliciously creative doesn’t it! ;o)

Next week is our first ‘Oogily Googily’ week! Which means time for hands on experiments, mixing real ingredients to see what chemical changes take place! I’m off to practice some of my secret recipes right now!



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